Sometimes you just want a nice, clean, and simple chart.

That’s why we created ChartBook1.

ChartBook is a compendium of residential market plots at the highest level of regional aggregation (i.e., all GVR regions together).

It’s meant to be simple and accessible - you won’t find detailed sub-market drill-downs here!

And since some real estate data exhibit seasonal patterns, ChartBook includes a smoothed trend to make it easy to see the signal through the noise.

You don’t have to be a GVR member to access ChartBook, and it’s offered in Adobe PDF and MS PowerPoint formats:

ChartBook - Adobe PDF Format

ChartBook - MS PowerPoint Format


  1. Please note that ChartBook is intentionally designed to be a document and not a web app. This format may be difficult to visualize on small screens such as mobile phones. For a more mobile-friendly and interactive experience, please see our residential and commercial dashboards.↩︎